Reiki Music – A Soundtrack for Healing

The ambiance of a Reiki session massage is very important to facilitate healing.

A Reiki massage session initiates the union of the body, the spirit, and the energy that binds them together. In order for the healer to succeed, the patient has to be in a state wherein s/he is open to the freely flowing energy entering her/his body. The receiver’s chakras (spiritual centres) also should be open and  flowing, which is where Reiki music comes in.

Such a state can only be achieved through providing the patient an environment where he can relax and communicate with his soul. Keep in mind that the clients or the receivers are not very much aware of Reiki and its concepts. As such, it is the Reiki practitioner’s responsibility to lead them into a condition where they become submissive, open, and willing to be healed. The path that will take them there is easily presented with the use of Reiki music.

Music plays a  role in orienting one’s subconscious.  It isn’t just the practitioner who needs to have an open mind. The client or the patient has to be inceptive of the healing that will take place. As such, the chakras have to be open. The mind should be willing to accept the rebirth that will soon take place.

The choice of reiki music can influence the success level of a reiki massage.

The right music is conducive to a faster and more effective healing environment. The wrong music, on the other hand, may block the energy instead of inviting it in. As such, a soothing, relaxing music is normally used inside the Reiki therapy room. From there, the patient will be led into a place where it is calm and quiet.

reiki music fluteWhile there are many relaxing soundtracks that are easily available today, there are a few that are especially made for a Reiki session. Such music can be used to help summon the energy, while making your client more yielding to its effects. A relaxing song may be good enough. However, it might not be able to provide the exact needs of your Reiki therapist.

The use of music in a Reiki session is important. In fact, you can’t effectively conduct a therapy without it. This is because of the fact that music, on its own, is a type of energy. As such, you should be using the right one in order to help you with the technique or symbol that you are trying to use on your patient. The rhythm of music allows your body to work in tune with the Reiki inside you.

However, there is no formula for right Reiki music. The proper music is simply the one that feels perfect for you. As a practitioner, you will know immediately what type of music can lead the spirit to greatness and which one can cause distractions.

It is even possible to use live music from an instrument if you have the resources for that. However, regular Reiki therapy sessions today use music playing from a disc or a player.