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Reiki Massage – Light Touch Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word; the first syllable “rei”, means “universal” and the second syllable, “ki’, means life force or energy.  Reiki Massage can restructure your overall energy focus and rejuvanate your own life force. 

Reiki Massage is an holistic form of healing therapy, that treats the physical body and mind, while strengthening the body’s own ability to heal by revitalizing ones inner energy. Reiki is not for the sick alone, Reiki Massage builds a stronger body and mind and helps prevents disease. Reiki may help with increased energy, restful sleep, serenity, peace, balance, increased focus, heals aches and pain, insight into resolving problems, letting go of past trauma, comfort, stability, vitality and emotional wellness. View Choices

Reiki massage works on four main levels of health: the physical; the emotional; the mental and the spiritual. If used regularly, it cures many such hidden ailments that one may not even be aware of. Reiki massage gradually promotes healthy and positive thinking, helps in creating peace and relaxation.
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Ailments Reiki encourages the healing of:

  • Helps Cancer Treatment
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach Pain/Conditions – i.e. IBS, Crohns, and Colitis
  • Headache/Migraine
  • Emotional Pain from Relationship Problems or Loss
  • Fertility/Erectile Dysfunction
  • Injuries
  • Long-term Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • and many more…

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Trauma, Severe Stress, Physical and Mental Disorders Don’t Solve Themselves

By considering all aspects of your personal health and well-being, Elissa’s integrated holistic healing practices will help you feel better understood so you come away feeling refreshed and rebalanced. By taking the first steps towards full body and mind health you will be ready, willing and able to take on life’s challenges.

Whether you have just one particular problem or are suffering from both physical and mental ailments, rest assured there are proactive solutions that will provide the treatment you deserve. By combining holistic assessment, consultation, Reiki massage and personalized counselling, you will be well on your way to getting through your most difficult times.


“The session [reiki/counselling/assessment] was emotionally informative…a wonderfully exciting overview of my life, and my potential – both as it has been used, and how it might be used in the future. It left me with a distinct intuition on how I could affect the changes I want to occur.” – Brian Willard, Toronto


Reiki has Countless Other Benefits

Frequent Reiki treatments help keep one in maximum health and spiritual well being. Reiki massage is an excellent anti-aging remedy, and helps eating disorders. When the cause of a disease is unknown, Reiki may still help to maximize traditional medical treatments. Reiki is known to help with phobias, anxiety and all types of depression. Reiki massage may be used as “house cleaning” for the mind and body by treating psychological problems especially when combined with Elissa’s Integrative Health Approach.

Reiki therapy has outstanding preventative potential that can be used for relaxation, better sleep, stress reduction, improvement of the immune system, enhancement of self confidence etc. The following list below suggests just some of the potential uses of Reiki.

  • Frequent treatments can keep the person in maximum health and well being
  • Reiki massage is excellent natural anti-aging remedy
  • Regular Reiki treatment can help in reducing weight
  • Excellent to treat complicated diseases particularly when the cause of the disease is not know
  • Clearing anxiety, depression and phobias
  • Treating psychological problems
  • Manifestation to achieve your goals in life
  • House cleansing – Clearing trapped and wandering negative energies from dwellings, business places and other buildings
  • Meditations. Use Reiki symbols for meditation to increase your spiritual abilities
  • Creation of congenial atmosphere at work places and improvement of working efficiency
  • Eliminating bad habits

Reiki Massage: The Session

The client participates in an initial consultation describing their specific needs, after which they lay fully clothed on a treatment table to receive the treatment which is followed by a one-on-one debriefing of the experience, which differs from person to person. A session typically lasts 45-60 minutes. Clients profess a wide range of experiences, and it is highly recommended that clients demonstrate patience and detach from desired outcomes of expectation of the Reiki experience in order to be truly present with the healing process. One’s experiences are part of their healing process, and sometimes the most challenging releases are the most uncomfortable. Of course, at any time the client may ask to stop the treatment.

Feel free to contact Elissa anytime for further information and consultation at 416-839-6025

Some examples of reiki client experiences during a session include:

  • Seeing colours or symbols
  • Feelings of weightlessness, flying, or out-of-body
  • Emotional releases of anger, fear, grief, sadness, and self-loathing
  • Complete relaxation and / or sleep
  • Pronounced discomfort or release of side comfort (e.g.,pain) associated with an injury
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Being energized, more alert, engaged, and clear
  • Having a sense of alignment with one’s higher self and higher purpose
  • Remembering an old trauma, experience, or conversation which demonstrates a relationship with current trails / events
  • Meeting one’s guides, angels, ancestors, or animal totems

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