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One-on-one counselling is ideal for support, insight into life journeys, empowerment, clarity, resolution from a break up, healing the heart, balance for the mind, and facilitating your inner wisdom.

Counselling and Compassionate Listening

A therapeutic counselling session starts with compassionate listening. I will seek first to listen, feel, and fully understand your concerns holistically, body, mind and soul.

With my background in psychology, seasoned with real-life experience I will always maintain a client-focused approach. In this way we can establish a level of comfort and trust with each other.

Positive thinking and healing are core elements of cognitive therapy. Acceptance is another facet; all these aspects help move toward positive transformation through communication therapy. View Choices

Counselling is a ‘process’ of growth and feedback. You will be free to contact me anytime to follow-up and make the positive changes in your life with my guidance and support.

Personal counselling is suitable for everyone at all times, whether you find yourself in physical pain, suffering from trauma or needing a relief from everyday stress. Counselling treatment not only improves your general well-being, but regular treatments can also help keep you free from stress and illness.

Practitioner Elissa Barclay graduated with an Honours Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Guelph University. She has had extensive experience in the mental health field; helping clients and patients find inner strength and support to face their challenges. As well as aiding people as a counselling-therapist, Ms Barclay has worked a number of years for Community Living Toronto (CLT) and The Center of Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) in the Psychosocial Rehabilitation of persons with a broad range of issues and disorders.

This valuable background has provided her with a practical understanding of counselling and support for individuals with varying needs and concerns. She has found it to be most effective when physical therapy, such as Reiki, is combined with psychological consultation and counselling in one enhanced integrated session program.

Elissa Barclay’s overall therapeutic philosophy aims to help people develop and maintain strong healthy bonds with others, experience enjoyable activities, and find and maintain gainful employment.

Specialties in Counselling include:

  •  Family issues
  •  Relationships
  •  Career
  •  Identity
  •  Anxiety (PTSD, GAD, OCD, Panic Attacks)
  •  Grief counselling (loss of a loved one)
  •  Severe Trauma

Feel free to contact Elissa anytime at 289-890-1330


note. It is NOT mandatory to pay in advance for session bookings, however a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation to avoid being charged the session cost.