Elissa Barclay

Healing Therapy Services is a wellness treatment that draws from several disciplines including, reiki, counselling, psychology and holistic assessment-consultation.

Healing Therapy Services in Toronto, provides a holistic, combinatory approach to treatment. Drawing from principles of psychotherapy and reiki, practitioner Elissa Barclay helps clients achieve optimal mental and physical health through a variety of treatment modalities.


The Practice

Elissa Barclay established her practice at the Village Healing Centre, a wellness and healing centre located in the west end of Toronto. She has helped clients overcome their struggles through an integrated approach to holistic healing. She brings to her private practice, many years of experience supporting clients with a range of physical and mental health issues, addictions, intellectual disabilities, and brain injuries.

Education And Training

After obtaining her degree in Psychology and formal Reiki training with ‘Kore Changes’, Elissa has cultivated a solid foundation to balance her intuitive talents and began her private practice. She has extensive experience in the mental health field; helping clients and patients find inner strength and support to face their challenges.

Background And Experience

As well as aiding people as a counselling-therapist, Elissa has worked a number of years for Community Living Toronto (CLT), Guelph Services for the Physical Disabled, and The Center of Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH) in the Psychosocial Rehabilitation of persons with a broad range of issues and disorders.

This valuable experience has provided her with a practical understanding of counselling and support for individuals with varying needs and concerns. She has found it to be most effective when physical therapy, such as Reiki, is combined with psychological consultation and counselling in one enhanced integrated session program.

Elissa’s overall therapeutic philosophy: aims to help people develop and maintain strong healthy bonds and relationships with others, experience enjoyable activities, and find and maintain gainful employment.

Benefits And Results

Employed for Transformation programs, Ms Barclay assisted persons with intellectual disabilities, autism, brain injuries, and other mental illnesses integrate back into society through the combination of therapy and social assistance. Her work in the program included facilitating daily life skills, long-term life plans, person-directed care, music therapy, talk therapy, and bridging the gap between individuals and their families. Elissa therapeutic philosophy aims to help individuals develop and maintain strong healthy bonds with others, experience fun activities, and find and maintain employment. Tel: 289-890-1330  View Choices